Friday, January 21, 2005

It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock'N'Roll)

So the main thing that scares me about this marathon is how incredibly long it is. (Woah, I better slow down with the mind-blowing revelations here.) But, no joke, unless I wake up tomorrow and become a speed-demon (does anyone know any pills for that?) this thing is going to take me four-and-a-half hours at best (that’s my reach goal time).

Do you realize how long that is? That’s like if you watched the extended version of the third Lord of the Rings AND the Behind the Scenes featurette, which, sorry to offend my Lord of the Rings-loving readers, might spur me to suicide.

Actually, I can’t decide if that’s a motivational analogy for me or not. On the one hand, Lord of the Rings was so painfully long and boring, running does sound kind of better. On the other hand, all I had to do when I watched that movie was sit still, and even that made me want to cry.* Running is a lot harder than sitting.

But on the other other hand (hey, do you think I could run faster if I had eight legs, like an octopus?), if I imagine four-and-a-half hours of something else, like watching a Gilmore Girls marathon, well then, that doesn’t sound impossibly long. But in that case, wouldn’t I rather be doing that than running?

You can see what a quandary I’m in.


In other news, I’ve been keeping track of my stats on a cool website (Winning Stats) (do I really have stats?) and it turns out, I’ve already run a marathon. It’s taken me almost two weeks, so I’ll probably want to shave a little time off of that, but so far I’m doing pretty well.

For those of you keeping track at home, after Thursdays run, that makes just over 29 miles total (check out my stats box on the left). Rock.

* I’m sorry guys, I really didn’t intend to turn this into a bash of LOtR (are you mollified by my adoption of the nerdy acronym?). It was really the first movie that came to mind, when I was trying to think of something as long as running a marathon.


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