Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A bunch of things you don’t know about me**

1. I have a twin brother.
2. We’re not identical.
3. Because he’s a boy. And I’m not. (But you’d be amazed how many people ask that question.)
4. Also, we can’t hear what the other is thinking, or feel the pain of the other.
5. But my older brother liked to test out the second proposition by sitting on one of us, and seeing if the other complained.
6. I was usually the one getting sat on.
7. My twin brother usually tried to come to my rescue, though not particularly effectively.
8. I also have an older sister.
9. We’re not identical either, but we look a lot alike.
10. I’ve been friends with two of my best friends since nursery school.
11. There’s another boy who went with me not only to nursery, elementary, middle, and high schools, but also to college.
12. After not speaking with him since months before graduation in 2003, I ran into him a few weeks ago in the Starbucks in my neighborhood. He lives down the street from me.
13. I kind of want to ask him where he’s planning to be in 10 years, because if history is any guide, I’ll be there, too.
14. I was a founding member of a rhythm tap group in college. I’m better at tap than you think, despite the fact that:
15. I have zero natural rhythm, and
16. I have very little natural grace.
17. I’m extremely proud of the dances I helped choreograph, especially the one where we drummed and tapped on and around wooden blocks.
18. Actually, seeing (and helping) that group become established on campus is probably what I’m most proud of from my college years, even more than
19. my master’s degree in linguistics.
20. I like to do things to be able to say that I’ve done them.
21. Hence the marathon.
22. That’s also the reason I ended up at a live sex show in Amsterdam.
23. Once was enough for that one.
24. When I got to college, I was annoyed that my new friends seemed to think I was nice.
25. I am nice.
26. But not always.
27. And I’m not a pushover.
28. To combat my newly emerging reputation, I started a campaign to have an intimidating epithet.
29. I would have been happy with “Naomi-the-cruel” or “Naomi-the-Great”.
30. But my favorite was “Naomi-the-Impaler.”
31. That was really funny until last summer, when I accidentally impaled my armpit on an iron fence post.
32. I ended up in the emergency room at 3 am, soaking wet (from the swimming pool), half-drunk (of course), hearing the nurse laughingly repeat my story to all the other nurses, and getting about 25 stitches from a plastic surgeon.
33. I have never seen a plastic surgeon under other circumstances.
34. I have never had such a beautifully healed scar.
35. I don’t want people to call me Naomi-the-Impaled.

On that note, I’m going to end this for now. Last night I ran the ugly-all-uphill route again, and it was even better than before (I didn’t have to take even one walk break). Tonight I’ll be back out there, and I’m aiming for 4.5-5 miles. Of course, I still have no concept of how far that really is, but I’ll try to run for about 55 minutes, since my pace is usually between 10 and 12 min/mile.

** Traditionally, I think this is supposed to be 100 things, but that’s a lot (and one thing you do know about me is that I don’t like undertaking big, daunting tasks. Oh, wait.) I’ll do another installment sometime, and get up to 100 eventually. Maybe. No promises.


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