Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Naari weer laa fii am***

*** I told you the Wolof would start eventually. This one means, "two months am here have." Or rather, I've been here for two months.

You can blame the lack of recent updates on Anna, who was visiting for the last ten days. Anna is my oldest friend in the world (in duration of friendship. In age she is one month younger than me). We car-pooled to nursery school together, and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and played with shaving cream at each other's houses (we were three), and weathered adolescent death-ray looks and quasi-adulthood living on opposite sides of the world, and still managed to stay friends.

Which is pretty cool, actually. (Also actually, I should mention that my second oldest friend in the world, Sarah, who is only four days younger than me, only loses this game by about a year. And when Anna was off in Jewish day school, and we only saw each other at birthday parties, Sarah and I made up for that lost time with hundreds of hours of Charles in Charge and Saved By the Bell reruns.)

Anyway. Anna was here, and I should really write all about the fabulous time we had. And I will. Eventually. I swear. But I also have some pressing work, and a seder to cook, and so it'll have to wait. Check out her blog, though, for her version of events. (Which makes things sound much more adventurous than it seemed to me at the time...)

How are you all?


Blogger Anna said...

Interesting the events from our many years of friendship you choose to recount :)

And you're link to me isn't working. Yes, I'm that egotistical that I clicked on the link to check. Or maybe I was just curious to see what it was I said that sounded so adventurous...

11:05 AM  

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