Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The gods must be crazy

I am freaking out. Seriously: Freaking. Out.

First of all, I know it's been forever and a day since I updated here, but life has been very hard lately. It turns out? I have a job. That place that I go every day, with the free high-speed internet and the paycheck? Totally an office. Who knew?

And also?

Okay, everybody has been saying this, and I usually read those posts and think, whatever, it's a blog, and I get enough heartbreak from the New York Times, so quit apologizing and just give me the usual, but it does seem a little crass operatically proclaiming the trials of my rather charmed existence when there are still people living in the Astrodome. I don't really know what to say about that, but just, I don't know, take the amount that I seem oblivious and divide it in half or something. That'd be about right.

Right. So back to my usual, I guess. I was saying:

And also? The wireless internet that I've been... erm... sharing at home has stopped working. Which seems very unfair, now that I've gotten used to checking my email every morning before running and then during breakfast.

But when I haven't been busy earning the pittance they call my salary, I've been even busier freaking out.

Today, I was waiting for the metro, and I got pre-homesick. I was listening to one of my favorite Indigo Girls songs, and I started picturing myself in some hut in Africa, lonely and sad, wallowing with my iPod and my puppy (because if I'm going to be sad and lonely in a hut in Africa, at least I should get a puppy). But the worst part is? I'm not sure I can even bring my iPod with me to the Peace Corps, because who knows if it'll be practical to recharge the battery.

Okay, that's not the worst part. The worst part is that I haven't even JOINED the Peace Corps yet, I've just scheduled an interview (big news: I have an interview with the Peace Corps!) and they haven't hired me, let alone told me where I might go, so how can I worry about whether or not I'll have my iPod to comfort me when I'm homesick, when I'm still in Washington, DC?

I'm seriously losing it. But the incident did remind me of a funny story from when I was an exchange student in high school. It was one of the first nights after I had arrived, we had finished dinner, and it was too early to go to sleep, but everybody else in the house was busy doing their own things (homework, bills, whatever) and I didn't how to fill the time until I could go to sleep. So I hid in my room, popped a Tracy Chapman CD into my Discman, and brooded about how far away from home I was. At some point, I took off my headphones (I had to go to the bathroom, maybe?) but the music kept playing. My host brother was blasting the exact same CD while he was doing his homework. Total coincidence.

Like I said. I live a charmed existence.

Meanwhile, for those of you still under the impression that this is a running blog, instead of a freaking out about my future blog (is there a blog ring for that?) let's play How Well Do you Know Me?

1) Which of these actually happened this past weekend?

A) I flaked on my TNT running buddies--with whom I had planned to run 8-10 miles on Roosevelt Island on Saturday morning.
B) In utter desperation while running on Sunday, I burst into a closed university building, where I barely made it to the Men's room (thankfully, empty, because, oh yeah, the building was closed) and snuck back out, undetected.
C) Unsatisfied with merely (merely?) running, I added skipping, stairs, laps, and running backwards to my Sunday jog.

2) Which of these will happen this weekend?

A) Inspired by the RBF-fest of love and truffles in New Haven, Jeanne and I will meet up in Alexandria to win run a 5K that was organized to benefit the Red Cross 2005 Hurricane Relief fund.
B) We will be joined by celebrities the likes of James Carville, Mary Matalin, and many, many more. Okay, like one more. But I can't remember her name from the press release.
C) You will all be extremely jealous as we enjoy the gigantor cookies Jeanne promised her friend's mom will provide for after the race. Jeanne says she was only kidding about the friend's mother, but I think there will be cookies.***

ottid (2 ;meht fo lla (1 :srewsnA

Also, check out this totally hot picture from the half-marathon. How great do we all look? (The clock shows gun time, but our chip time was actually 2:18. Yeah, I just can't let that go. Because.) Well, okay, we're not America's Next Top Models, but we look a hell of a lot better than I did crossing the finish line in Alaska.

*** Jeanne's either rolling her eyes, all "haha, Naomi, it wasn't funny the first time you made that joke", or she's really going to bring cookies. And then I will feel very guilty.


Blogger Scooter said...

One thing I see different in the picture is that at RnR, you look like you're enjoying yourself. You also seem to be less tired. The two may go hand in hand. (And I'd point out the chip time, too, if the difference was almost a half hour!)

10:39 AM  
Blogger a.maria said...

!!!!!!!! i am so jealous! all you damn east coast dwellers and your RBFests...it aint fair, i tell ya!!
but i cant WAIT to hear the post-race report!!! you're going to have so much fun!! eat a cookie (or 12) for me!

but ok. you're flipping out. and i, being Freaky Mc Freaks a lot, totally understand where you're coming from and empathize... but you seem to have a pretty good grip on things, so i have a feeling you'll work it all out and handle it all brilliantly.
(which would be where we differ!!)

good luck at the interview. i've actually thought of the Peace Corps myself a few times, so i'll be interested to see what all they say!!

and have FUN at the 5K!!!!! (so jealous!!)

3:11 PM  
Blogger Riona said...

You know, things will be fine. I'm a huge believer in not planning things in too much detail. The world and the circumstances around you change too much, and having a detailed plan just sets you up for disappointment. All you can do is try to understand your values and needs, so that when the next crossroad appears, you can take the turn that's right for you.

It sounds like you'll be great.

I'm so envious of the RBF meetup fest! It looks like you did great.

Best of luck at the 5K

7:51 PM  
Anonymous ali said...

you are way too funny. love the pics! between running, reading blogs and blogging about running I get nothing done at work anymore ... some days I can't even remember what I am really supposed to be doing

8:28 PM  

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