Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dead man walking

Here's what I was going to write, half an hour ago.

"Y'all, I'm NERVOUS.

For real, butterflies in my stomach, frenetic nervous energy, when will this be OVER already NERVOUS.

Last night, I was talking to two friends about all the various voodoo and alchemy I have planned for this afternoon. The important things, like what snacks I was packing for mile 8 and what breakfast I had planned.

And I played it off like I was only acting this way because I'm so undertrained, that since I couldn't count on fitness to carry me across 13 miles, I'd have to count on gummy worms.

But y'all know: I'm neurotic.

So don't tell me that pretzels are not the difference between utter failure (hot sun=sweat=dehydration=cramps) and a triumphant finish line photo (pretzels=salt=balanced electrolytes), unless it's because you're telling me that because in fact potato chips are the answer.

Oh god. Potato chips ARE the answer.

I'm doomed.

And if Senegal were just a NORMAL country, with a normal race-time start, I'd be done by now, instead of sitting around my house wondering how Theo is going to manage to keep cold my sports drink and if he'll ever manage to find me, considering the race route appears to be a squiggly line on plain white paper.

And also why they are making me wear a lime green singlet? Are they kidding? Does everyone else know that it doesn't matter, and I'll be the only fool in chartreuse?"

Except I wasn't going to write that because I was feeling just a *tiny bit* ridiculous, and lots of people I know in Dakar read this blog, and they might not realize yet just how ridiculous I am.

So instead, I trolled around on the internet, reading my favorite running blogs, and I came across this post.

And... I dunno. Somehow it just reminded me why I started all of this, way back when, and how glad I am that I did.

It's not going to undo the weeks of skipped runs, but well... I'll still be out there running today.

That's all. And that's enough.


Blogger jeanne said...

I hope they're making you wear lime green bcs it's St. Patrick's day!! Happy st. patrick's day! I bet you're done by now. I bet it went well. And I loved that post of aj's as well. good stuff. good to remind ourselves!

And btw? I think your english you are losing: "...Theo is going to manage to keep cold my sports drink."

It's tough running in a different language!

Congrats in advance!

2:30 PM  
Blogger a.maria said...

omg race-day nutrition. i haven't even given it a second thought. i've given up gu, am now a hammergel girl, but have no idea how i'm going to swing that for the half-mary.

awesome. as if my inadequate training wasn't enough to worry about. well, thanks... i have 2 weeks to figure this out. at least i have a head start!!!

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Liara Covert said...

It's interesting to ask ourselves why we initially began running and how this kind of pursuit has enabled us to develop discipline and determination in other areas of our lives.

3:08 AM  

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