Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I thought I had an out...

When I came home and the internet wasn't working, I thought about how that was the end of my perfect attendence record and I was disappointed.

But, y'all? I'm sleepy. And I just bought new pillows and pretty lilac pillow cases (remember Bed, Bath, and Beyond?) and my bed looked awfully inviting.

And the next question is about food, and I have plenty to say about the food here (yum! also yuck! and again yum! except for gah, isn't there anything else?) but... not tonight.

I sat down at my computer to shut it off. But the voice recorder was plugged in, and I needed to upload some interviews and figure out what other files were. And by the time I'd done all that, there was a crow from across the hall: "Hey, the internet is working again."

It wasn't a crow. It was Rose. She crowed. It's a verb.

Y'all. I'm going to bed.

Ba suba, inshallah. (See you tomorrow, god willing.)


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