Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Funnily enough, this blog is still here

And so am I, even if I haven't written in a while (understatement is a valid literary device).

So... what's new, y'all?

Oh, me? I've been busy running marathons, living the expat life, and all that stuff I used to do when I wrote here. Actually not marathons. Triathlons. Ooh, or those Tough Mudder races. I totally do those.

Or..... maybe I do a yoga class every once in a while and pat myself on the back when I walk more than a couple blocks.

But I live in a really exciting place that is...

Actually, I live in Washington, DC, in a 100+ year old row house that we are sinking all our money into fixing up.

But, truth? Even though I'm as out of shape as I've ever been, and even though I haven't used my passport since 2013 (which I find a little tragic), I'm pretty busy.

Meet the new cast members who keep me on my toes:

*Eva, who is currently five and a half (don't say 5). Eva is one of the most happy, fun and outgoing people I know.

She uses her whole body to smile, always shares the last bit of her treat, and sets her entire life to song (often ones that she makes up as she goes along). And since she was a baby she has had an amazing ability to push my buttons exactly up to the point where I'm almost ready to throw her out the window—but not one bit further.

(This is Eva on her first ever roller coaster, during a recent vacation in California. That is Theo, next to her. I was safely on the ground. I hate roller coasters.)

*Lena, who is nearly one and a half and already grabbing onto life with both hands. She taught herself to crawl at 5 months, to walk at 10 months, and to climb I don't even know when (at birth?). She wants what she wants, and she isn't going to wait for anyone to hand it to her.

(One of my favorite examples this one, when she saw the open jar of peanut butter on the counter. She was maybe 11 months? She pushed over the stool, climbed up, found a spoon, and started scooping.)

But if you're a grownup and she doesn't know you, she will 100% hide behind my knees or leap into my arms if you come near.

"What? People are scary. Excuse me, I have a light fixture to dangle from."


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