Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Hi guys.

How’s it going?

So I spend a lot of time in this site talking about me. No, no, don’t protest. I know it’s true. And mostly, y’all just listen. Except for those of you who leave comments (Hi David! Hi BD1!), but even those are pretty much All About Me.

Which is totally awesome. I mean, in real life, you have to occasionally ask other people about themselves and at least feign an interest in their stories. But here it’s a 100% self-indulgent me-fest.

But, though it may seem like I’m unaware of this fact, you guys are people too, with stories and thoughts, and lives that are conspicuously not All About Me.

So today I took a tour of some of your blogs—or at least the ones of people who’d left me comments (I don’t know how to find the rest of you). Actually, I’d been to most of them before, but never all at once, and today I went back and read lots of back entries too. It was totally fun. I’m impressed with all the races you guys have run. Plus, you’re all really fast.

(This totally wasn’t during work hours. Because I am a diligent worker who never procrastinates or uses company time to do non-company work. Hi Boss!)

Oh, and I think it’s really neat how many people started running later in life, and how it’s become such a big part of your lives. It’s weird for me to think about how recently I had never run. And I’m still not sure how running will fit into my life post-marathon, but (do I lose my anti-running cred if I admit this? Eh, I probably got kicked out of that club weeks ago.) I kinda think it’s part of me now.

Basically, though, I’m a total hypocrite, because even though I want everybody who reads my site to leave comments, I almost never leave comments on other people’s sites. So instead, I thought I’d say a quick hello here.

So. Hi. Thanks for reading. Send me a link if you want a new lurker on your site. Non-runners too (I know there's at least one of you; hi Jessica!).

Oh, and in my last entry, I asked the boys a running question. To be fair, I think I should ask the girls a question too. But since I don’t really know what the equivalent to bloody nipples is for the female distance runner, that’s going to be my question: what painful side-effect of running is in store for me as the miles creep up? Doesn’t have to be uniquely girly, but all the more poetic if it is.


Anonymous Susan said...

Since you know David, and I know David...I'll answer. Look forward to more shin splints and pulled groin muscles. Ok, I'm feeling old and bitter tonight:) Great blog, by the way.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous BD said...

Yes, blogs are a great me-fest. So nice of you to give a shout out. Hi!

I'm one of the people who arrived late to the running party. It's changed my life. Running the marathon did too. Fast? Not me. Elites are fast. But they are aliens so I guess they don't count.

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for dropping by my journal too.

11:26 PM  

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