Tuesday, April 26, 2005

5 kilometers vs. Naomi

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Naomi. (Hey! That's my name!)

She was very pretty and smart (that's just like me!) but she didn't like running at all.

Twenty-three years passed, and the only races she had run were children's fun runs against hunger (I'm against hunger!) and the odd 100 meter dash (the dashes weren't odd, just infrequent).

Then one day, she decided to run a marathon, because she firmly believed that she preferred jumping into the deep end without even testing the water first with a pinky toe.

But then spring came, the weather turned warm, the trees grew leaves, the birds started chirping, and Naomi remembered that she HATES jumping into the freezing cold deep end without getting wet first.

So Naomi signed up for the 2005 Cassidy and Pinkard Race for Hope 5K to benefit the Brain Tumor Society which is this Sunday in Washington DC.

And because Naomi loves fundraising, she is providing this link to her new fundraising webpage, in case any of her readers want to contribute.

The End.

Sleep well my little runners!


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