Friday, April 08, 2005

Random musings on a rainy Friday

I’m glad to see that we’re all in agreement on the cute vs. comfortable question. Y’all are cool. I’m glad you read my blog. I think Denise said it best, but everybody basically said the same thing: “Style over substance EVERY time.” Darn tootin’.

Speaking of which (smooth transition, no?), have you all seen Shuyler’s Fund? I’ve been watching with fascination as this has permeated the web, and I’m amazed and impressed to see that Schuyler’s dad raised over $10,000 in less than a month. How much does the internet rock? And not just for porn. (What? I mean, that’s what other people think the internet is for! Not me. I read running blogs.)


Welcome to my brain, y’all. It’s kinda ramble-y in here.


So, I like to think I’m pretty smart. I went to a good college, I got good grades, I know big words, and I read books ‘n stuff.

Of course, I don’t always act very smart. But I don’t like to think about that.


Okay, here’s an example. I wanted to run a marathon (yeah, you probably knew that part already) and I knew that I didn’t know the first thing about running long distances (or very short ones, either). So I signed up for a training group. So far so smart.

And the coaches of said training group impart all sorts of wisdom to help us novices run a safe, injury-free marathon. The problem is, you have to listen when they talk. And not just listen, but pay attention.

So, they say: buy really good running shoes. It’s important.
I hear: Go shopping. Spend money.
I do: Go shopping. Spend money.
Unintended side effect: I have good running shoes.

But they also say: Eat good carbs. Don’t eat heavy meals on Friday nights.
I hear: You’re running a marathon. You can eat as much as you want.
I do: Eat (and drink) whatever the hell I feel like, while complaining to my friends about the many hardships of marathon training, including the enforced pasta diet.
Unintended side effect: I proclaim far and wide that I’ve learned my lesson (the hard way), and that from now on I will heed the wisdom of my sagacious coaches (heed! sagacious! What did I tell you about big words.)

And then this:

They say: Stretch frequently. Hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds. Stretch after every single run, long or short. Then stretch more. This is the best way to make sure you won’t get injured.
I hear: Blah, blah, blah stretching. Blah, blah, blah, you won’t get injured.
I do: Stretch sometimes.
Unintended side effect: The Jens and Eric get louder and more shrill, until I am forced to rest, ice, and STRETCH, at which point they begin to improve.

Damn smart ass kids. You can’t tell ‘em anything.


Blogger David said...

You said: Pay attention.
I hear: Try and remember what she said next time you do something strenuous.
I do: I remember Noames said something about buying stretchy shirts and eating my shoes or something like that.
Unintended side effect: I realize I need to write things down and tape it on the mirror.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

I think stretching is one of those things like eating more cruciferous veggies - you know you ought to but it's just not as much fun as, for instance, shopping. I'm so with you on this!

11:06 PM  
Anonymous BD said...

Huh? Did you say something about stretching?

1:45 AM  

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